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Friday, July 3, 2009

# To cook potatoes faster, cut them into half and add a pinch of turmeric.

To make chapatis soft, leave the dough for 30min.

Adding 1/2 tea spoon of sugar while cooking beetroot in cooker avoids the spreading/splashing of colour.

Dip the knife in water while cutting boiled potatoes this avoids
sticking to the knife.

Add Brinjal pieces or peeled smoked Brinjal in water for around
10min. Discard the water. This remove any bitter taste from them.

Add a pinch of turmeric and a drop of oil to cook Toor dal faster.

Wash rice in water and spread it on a cloth or a paper for drying for 20-30min
This separates the rice grains.

Holding any spice powder packets directly above the dish while
cooking spoils the powder due to the hot vapours. Take out the required amount of powder on a spoon and then add it to the dish.

Using a flat bottomed pan for cooking helps in equal distribution of heat.

Tips given by Sneha A. Chapke

Useful tips on cooking

Thursday, June 25, 2009

These are everyday using tips in cooking which not only eases the work in the kitchen but also adds flavor to your food.

Dusting nuts before chopping them in the food processor, keeps them from sticking to the food processor

>>If you wrap coriander in a paper and then keep it in the fridge it will stay fresh for a longer time

>>Store lemons in a sealed jar of water they will produce twice the juice.

>>Immerse eggs in a vessel of cool salted water, if it sinks it is fresh in the other case throw it away

>>Add a little milk to water while cooking cauliflower to keep it white

>>Before scaling fish rub vinegar on it this will make scaling easier

>>Wet onions before peeling, it is easier to peel them

>>To keep the color of rice bright white while cooking add a few drops of lemon juice

>>Divide vinegar in two different bottles, then add boiled water and leave it for a week.You'll have twice the quantity of vinegar having the original strength

>>To slice meat easily partially freeze it


Thursday, March 26, 2009

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